Ice Lands

Ice Lands by poet Carol Westberg

The lyric poems in Ice Lands journey through regions of knowing and not knowing, alive to our mortal connections in this precarious world.

* * *

“Westberg does not turn away from either the damage or the wonder of ‘this hard starry world,’ but through her clear vision, elegant craft, and fearless late-night inventories, she makes these poems into acts of attention, which become prayers for restoration. This is a luminous and stunning book, blending grief with wisdom and awe.” Betsy Sholl

Ice Lands resonates with a reverent consciousness that gracefully navigates the liminal intersections of the natural and human worlds…. There is a seasoned and mature sensibility here, a quiet authority, and it speaks with deft lyricism and musicality.” — Mark Cox

“Westberg’s new book reads like a gathering of koans, a breviary for navigating the second decade of the 21st century. Whether confronting the imperiled planet, the eroding political landscape, the ambages of late middle-age, things done and left undone, or the legacies of illness…. glinting truths of these poems put…a spur to wake to the truth that ‘we’re all so much more / than we know.’” — Lisa Russ Spaar 

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102 pages, $19.00

Cover artwork © Lia Rothstein
Cover design Margery Cantor